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NOT what you'd expect...

It's not Crossfit. It's not Powerlifting. Or Bodybuilding. Or HIIT. It's Heroes Training Systems. And Zach does it all. Operating out of a simple little garage may seem "entry level" to some, but that is far from the truth. This is where hard work, science and genius collide. It's packed with essential, highly functional training gear designed to give a world class, private training experience. Having the gear, however, is one thing. Knowing how to use it effectively is quite another. Zach Vogel, the founder of Heroes Training Systems coined his fitness haven "The Underground" as it began in his basement, before owning a home gym was really even a thing. Zach built out the origins of the "UG" over 15 years ago and has been steadily adding to it since. With an abundance of ideas, creativity and millions of repetitions, he has learned that some things work exceptionally well, while others really don't transfer much at all into the real world. Zach's gift is in advancing human performance in a safe, inspiring and welcoming environment where there are no excuses, no easy days, and that tomorrow, the sun will rise to test us again, so we best be ready. Training for peak performance is not sustainable. With HTS, everyone trains for optimal performance. Many other gyms have copied the design, been inspired by it and now even trust Zach with specialized coaching within their gyms and with their members. 


When Covid-19 hit, Zach, like many millions of people, experienced unforeseen hardships. Now, being conveniently located in an open-air environment, training takes place both indoors and outdoors to focus on keeping people incredibly fit in Golden, Colorado. 


Want to train here?

To be a client of this exclusive, high value and unique training experience, one simply needs to take a few basic steps:

Step 1. Complete the Intake Form

Step 2. Arrange a 1:1 phone/video call to meet/review

Step 3. If selected*, fill out the printable Waiver prior

Step 4. Go All-In. Be teachable. Work Hard. Work Smart.

*Space is limited to 3 people/session.

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Let’s get to WORK!

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