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bodylean x7

Designed for women's strength, clean lines and great shape.


The diversity in fitness is so very broad, with many training programs leading to similar outcomes, it truly comes down to personal preference, style and a method that is safe, effective and sustainable. We put together some variations of our current methodologies and compiled what we believe are incredible dynamics for developing shape and function for the women's body. This hybrid approach to Functional Bodybuilding and F.I.S.T. sessions, we have developed a great system that will challenge the body and mind to keep up. Big strength and power moves, isolation moves, high rep burnouts and good old fashion intensity makes every workout build on the past, building performance and strength through a broad spectrum to keep the body progressing.  Women's bodies have a much larger difference in the capacity to build muscle vs men, so we take that into account and make sure we are staying fresh on the fundamentals and key components of building strong and powerful feminine physiques. 


"Consistency is the bedrock from which all past, present and future achievements are made."

- Zach Vogel

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