Fitness Trainer
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Powerful training app with YOUR workout planned.
Take your coach with you wherever you go.
Track your progress.


"The delivery, the process and the results will shock you. I have been living them for over 15 years. Now, I'm sharing my process and building your programming around the same principles. What you're really investing in, is more TIME. Less time missed on sub-optimal workouts for your goals or simply not knowing what to do. More time spent on great customized training will only take you further, faster. Give yourself 16 weeks with me to find out what we can do, together."

-Zach V

How it works:

STEP 1:  Complete the Intake Form
STEP 2:  Arrange a 1:1 phone/video call to interview
STEP 3:  If selected, get the TrainHeroic app for your phone
STEP 4:  Begin crushing your first 16 week training & nutrition cycle
STEP 5:  Take on tougher challenges and start winning more

Investment:  Less than $3/day!*

*after initial month's design and training investment.

Depending on the complexity of the training program being developed and delivered to you, the first month's investment is between $197-297. The more customizations and in depth processing for events, specific needs and tapers, the more time it takes to develop the program, thus upping the cost of the program. Once month 2 rolls up, the investment takes on a subscription of $87 monthly. Complete ongoing support for all your seasons of life, you have a resource in your corner always backing you up. This personalized experience is designed to have you winning at anything you choose to take on. With HOT, you're training to  always be ready. So let's get started. You've got places to go & life to live.



This is not a $7/month subscription. It is not a $14/month subscription. It is not a $30/month subscription. They exist. And they also do not do what I do. This industry unfortunately preys on insecurities and the ever revolving door of social media crazes. Do this "professional's workout and look like him, or her!" "Do this fitness/nutrition hack." Expect more from yourself, your coach and your programming. Stop being the prey, and instead become the hunter. You have the power to co-design your training. Use it. Team up with me. 

I am not interested in "peak performance." Peak is temporary. I am also not interested in motivation. That. is temporary as well. What I am interested in, is OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE and INSPIRATION. Sustainability. Process. Mastery. Building superior human bodies and minds doesn't happen overnight, over weeks or months. It happens over years. Decades. I know where my training can take people. I witness it daily. Your capacity for work greatly improves. You get stronger. You become more aware with your body and mind. Weak links, gone. All your systems go, as one, reunited. Your tolerance to pain and hardship carries over into everything you experience in this life. You build and refine a strong identity. You know what you stand for, you know why.

I am also interested in your learning environment. What you read and listen to. I am fully invested into developing greater human beings, all around, as a whole. And if you are ready for the ultimate programming content to serve you in the greatest manner, then you've found it. Day by day, we develop champion minds and superior human bodies to experience the best that life has to offer, no matter what you're called to do and experience. Our programming will create a fitness readiness state that will take you further than you've ever imagined. You can now make that a reality.