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Mountain biking

Online Training

Custom training made simple for YOU to optimize your lifestyle wherever you live in the world. 

More TIME experiencing life.
Less time missing it. 

How it works:

STEP 1:  Complete the Intake Form
STEP 2:  Arrange a 1:1 phone/video call to interview
STEP 3:  If selected, get the TrainHeroic app for your phone
STEP 4:  Begin crushing your first 12 week training & nutrition cycle
STEP 5:  Take on tougher challenges and experiencing more

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"The delivery, the process and the results will speak for themselves. The metrics and methods in which we use are designed for sustainability, beginning with the end in mind. Meaning, we have to specifically define what we want for our lives and truly look at our healthspan and what our individual standards are. 
In sharing my process and building your programming you will most likely see that the fitness and training umbrella is extremely large. Meaning there are multiple ways to come to the same destination. At HTS, our methods are proven highly effective and sustainable over time, spanning decades. What you're really investing in, is more TIME to experience more of life. Hiring HTS to streamline your training and the abundance of value and service you receive for the investment is unmatched."  - Zach V.

Video + Written Instruction

Over 1000 videos & descriptions structured for your unique plan, seamlessly laid out. 

Investment: $4/day*

*1 year of programming

Depending on the complexity of the training program being developed and delivered to you, the first month's investment is between $197-297. The more customizations and in depth processing for events, specific needs and tapers, the more time it takes to develop the program, thus upping the cost of the program. Once month 2 rolls up, the investment drops to $97-197. By month 3, everyone is on a subscription of $97/month. Complete ongoing support for all your seasons of life, you have a resource in your corner always backing you up. This personalized experience is designed to have you winning at anything you choose to take on. With HTS - Online, you're training to always be ready. So let's get started. You've got places to go & life to live.

You don't have to be great to start. 

However, you must START, in order to be great.

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NO MATTER what you're chasing after, it is going to require clear focus and adherence to a plan. With that being said, there are many plans out there. But which plan is right for you? That depends. This industry full of trick ponies, hacks and fads. Most, sadly, are distractions. If you look in the right places, you can find great some great content out there. (My focus is to also filter through the BS to bring that content closer to home for every one of my clients) Customized online training programming is definitely the future of broad scaled fitness. Taking ownership over your health is paramount in todays' world. Setting up a 10'x12' space for your own self care program is one of the greatest investments you can make in your life. We need to be coached on how to do hard physical and mental things daily. We need accountability to push harder tomorrow than we did yesterday. We need variety. We also need community and an outlet in the real world as well. Meaning, nature. Feeling the change in our environment, the sunlight, the cool, damp air as well as the hot and dry. Removing all the gaps in one's fitness requires experience and creativity. All of the above is why Heroes Training Systems exists.  It is the code to taking control of one's physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and fortitude.  

OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE and INSPIRATION. Sustainability. Process. Mastery. Building superior human bodies and minds doesn't happen overnight, over weeks or months. It happens over years. Great training can take people nearly anywhere. Strength, endurance, power, and your capacity for work greatly improves. All of these aspects will noticeably improve relatively quickly, within a number of weeks and months. But don't let that fool you into thinking that once you have it, you keep it. It is a price that must be paid daily, at some level. With a structured plan, your days and weeks will make complete sense, and the process becomes something you yearn for. You become more aware with your body and mind. Weak links, gone. All your systems working together as one, reunited. Your tolerance to pain and hardship carries over into everything you experience in this life. You build and refine a strength of purpose and identity that can carry you as far as your dreams will allow.

ENVIRONMENT. What you read and listen to. If developing greater human beings all around is the goal, it begins with the mindset. What we feed our minds is a critical element in reshaping our life experience. Time will not wait for us no matter how hard we try and control it. What we can do is leverage it. Invest into a coach to help you streamline your plan and develop all the skills necessary to make your shield and sharpen your sword. You will have to fight to defend and advance your mental and physical journey to the greatest you that you are capable of. Day by day, we develop champion minds and superior human bodies to experience the best that life has to offer, no matter what you're called to experience. HTS programming will create a whole-life fitness readiness state that will take you further than you've ever imagined. You have an opportunity to make that a reality. Choose your company wisely. 

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