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2015 - We became aware of an opportunity to grow more physically, mentally and socially. Shared experiences create a bond, yes, but demanding, shared hardships create a brother/sisterhood. Spartan Race became the new and exciting social event that brought people together. Whether that was obstacle racing or the team building, Hurricane Heats, the Warrior's Ethos reminded us that we can do better in so many areas of our lives. Our community grew, the random workouts turned into structured training and the competition awoke within us to get better every single day. "Today, we will be better than yesterday." A greater mind, body and life.  Once we lit that wick, the burning desire to share that process materialized into what it has become today, growing and continually evolving. 


I will always place the mission first. 

I will never accept defeat. 

I will never quit. 

I will never leave a fallen comrade.

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2016 - A year of deeper exploration inside the mind and what triggers sustainable change and how our thinking and our choices are affected by our identity. Who we perceive ourselves to be. We have learned to see the future, not through the lens of the past, but instead through belief in hard work, planning, frequency and the commitment to never give up. Training for adaptation is more than changing sets and reps. It's about overcoming all potential variables and obstacles, mental and physical. Being cold or hot, wet, tired and hungry can individually change our state, but when combined we can quickly take an emotional turn for the worse. Especially if we are experiencing anger, frustration or depression. We don't judge a ships crew during calm waters, we judge it during the storm.  In our lives we were becoming soft. Mundane. Complacent. We realized that we had to change our perspective and strategy. The creative process was in motion. 

2017 - Always be ready. The philosophy I've adopted to keep my training and mindset on point and in focus from season to season. When given the call to participate in Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge, I had already been on the path of training for the unexpected. But as with all things, there is always more to experience and learn. We never truly know the power behind our choices until the effects reveal themselves and we take the time to reflect. Tune in to Season 5, Episode 9, "Heavy Impact" to catch the action. Available on iTunes and Amazon Prime. I returned home a different man, with perspectives and a renewed vision.

broken skull image.png

2018 - Present - Change is inevitable, progress is optional. Life is messy. We've seen businesses come and go in our lives, pay cuts, lifestyle changes, moved homes and battled setbacks and hardships, like so many people do. In 2020, with the rise of Covid-19, we had to make some very serious pivots. We've all suffered various levels of loss in our lives. Unforeseen challenges took root. So much became personal. We learned long ago that how we respond is just as important as why we respond. We believe that everything that happens in our lives happens for us, not to us. This can be a difficult thing to accept, but it has proven to be true many times over. The meaning we attach to experiences is where we establish our deep rooted beliefs and shape our field of view. It is how we came to know HEROES. There is meaning behind the word, and what it represents carries a lot of power to transform thought patterns which can lead to new action. Our tribe of HEROES is a strong culture and community of warriors in every aspect of their lives. We are fighters, dedicated to the core principles and values that it stands for. 

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Keep the promises we make to ourselves and others. 


Seek to understand before being understood.  


Stay the course, adjust the sails, never give up and keep reaching.


Know that we are responsible for our choices and actions, no matter what. 


To go above and beyond in everything said and done.

Everyone can be the hero of their own story, leading to their own rescue and helping to bring out the hero in others. Be authentic. Be real.







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