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Advanced training for building superior human beings for all sport.

YetiStrong has a history.  Yeti, a name given when spotted running, both fairly fast and far for my size.  Coming in at well over 220 lbs, I've remained athletic and yet train and appear often as a bodybuilder, however possessing enough strength, stamina and endurance as an athlete. My training style is SIMPLE.  I train in all areas, mix up the sequencing, force the body to adapt and change.  Not just for great lifts, but for life application.  We train smart and consistent so we can be on our game anytime, anywhere, often quoting  "drop the weight to isolate" to creating the neuromuscular pathway with the mind-muscle connection.  But also dropping the reps to increase overall strength.  YetiStrong is diverse and challenging.  Rooted in bodybuilding,  with functional & endurance training embedded within, it has been proven to provide ample strength gains, muscular endurance and amplify athleticism with both basic and complex movements.  If you seek a program to unlock your potential, YetiStrong will not disappoint.  Find out what you truly are capable of.  Unleash your inner Yeti! 

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."

 -Kenny Rogers

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