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program design

When you train to be ready for anything, opportunities become endless.


Program design varies from person to person, however, our bodies respond to training the same way. Training is a state of mind and/or process in which there are advancements in the mind and body toward a specific outcome. If it isn't training, it's simply a workout to check off the list. Sometimes, that's OK. However, we have witnessed greater results and rewards of a training mindset vs going through the motions of any random workout of the day. We cannot change what we neglect to measure. There should be a  greater meaning and reverence to a workout, which when training, is only part of the given whole of making lasting change. Workouts should build upon one another, and when life happens to hit back hard, or your event has approached, you are ready to perform. We have found there is a greater commitment level, more consistency and overall awareness which yields better and faster progress. No matter if you have limited or zero equipment or a full scale gym to work with, our products and services are unique, effective and the delivery of information is cutting edge and resourceful. The only missing element, is you. 


delivering the goods...


Once upon a time...not long ago...


We were sending PDF files via email to our clients and spending hours on the phone talking through descriptions and terminology, where to find videos of certain exercises, nutrition support, etc. It was rough, raw and a complex, now pre-historic system. But In today's world, speed of information and advanced technology has opened up a jet stream of opportunity to streamline the long distance coach-athlete relationship. We are living in a very tech-heavy world, seemingly becoming more dependent on "Big Tech" to keep delivering the goods so that we can keep up with the rapid scroll, short attention span feeds we are given. Love it or hate it, it is here to stay. However, it can prove to be ever useful, so long as we enlist personal governance and hold ourselves to standards that match our values. We must remember that we control the phone, not the other way around.


In our case, we have fallen in love with a fitness training app, ironically named, Train Heroic. It provides a delivery system that allows coaches to connect with their athletes from anywhere in the world. We have gone the extra long, hard earned grueling miles to customize our client interface experience with our program delivery and tracking methods within the app itself. Hundreds of hours of videography, clear, concise descriptions delivered to your phone, along with communication, connection and support to seamlessly pave the way for your training experience. You can now have both a 1:1 and/or Team experience with your coach and fellow humans reaching for more.


Technology has allowed us now to reach more athletes across the globe, both in-home with their own personal gym, or little to no equipment, or a full scale brick and mortar classic gym or training center.  We customize for all the above. And if you're starting from zero gear and slowly build your home gym, we will help guide you on exactly what you need to match your goals and adapt your program as your gear list grows. 

1:1 In-Person coaching will forever have its place. In fact, it is one of our favorite things to do with people. The interaction, connection, safe environment and often grueling looks or laughs we receive does hold tremendous value. We still offer In-Person Training with us. Those who desire it, can still get it with us. (See below) However, at roughly 1/3 to 1/10th of the cost of hiring an In-Person coach, HEROES Online Training is very cost effective and equally rewarding.  

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